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Muffler repair is not something to procrastinate initiating. Your vehicle’s exhaust system possesses the primary emission control device that moves the exhaust fumes to the rear of the car. This device is often referred to as the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter suppresses the sound made from exhaust; it is also essential to the functionality of the computer control system.

If your car is noticeably louder (making a rattling noise, for instance), you may indeed need to bring the car in for muffler repair. Furthermore, muffler problems are often indicated by a check engine light, or in a worse case, a loss of power.

Though muffler repair cannot be deduced to such a simple list, there do exist four common services that your car might require in the event of muffler damage:

• Oxygen Sensors Replacement (Due to Rust)
• Engine Diagnostic (For Failed Catalytic Convertor)
• Gaskets Replacement
• Replacement of Hangers/System Parts Via Cutting and Welding

As a responsible car owner, you should maintain your vehicle by having it checked during routine maintenance. Make sure to deal with even the smallest problems—like broken exhaust hangers—when these issues arise. Moreover, whenever your check engine light comes on, be sure to get the car checked out by Romo Complete Auto Care and Muffler!

Historically, avoiding short trips whenever possible is another aspect of preventative maintenance that responsible car owners execute.

At the end of the day, you simply should not be on the road with a damaged muffler. Many drivers put off muffler repair out of laziness or because of financial reasons. Note that Romo Complete Auto Care and Muffler keeps its prices competitive, however!

For muffler repair in Charlotte, NC, you would be wise to contact Romo Complete Auto Care and Muffler. We are a full-service muffler shop specializing in muffler replacement and exhaust repair.

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